Sonntag, 10. April 2011

third thoughts anyone?

After a week full of deadlines in my studies i am now recovering in my free time with some old classic books.
One of it is by Terry Pratchett, who mentions a specific thought process which i have often used to describe behavior and mental capacity shown by certain people.

What I refer to are staged thoughts that come in up to 3 segments.

In this theory every living human being and possible every sentient creature is able to form the FIRST thoughts.
They can be compared to instinct , like the See-Interpret-React mechanism.
It's nothing special in it self and pretty much self explaining.

Then come the SECOND thoughts.
To be honest , i once believed that these were also a given but seeing the stupidity in our world and especially common after noon TV shows i had to reconsider..
They are situated between the Interpret-stage and the React-stage and reasses the outcome and meaning of the first thoguht (instinct).
I would deem them necessary in our modern civilization but i got proved wrong...

What may or may not follow then in ones mind are the THIRD thoughts.
You may now guess that these are to reconsider the conclusion derrived from the second thoughts, but really.. what does that mean?
We have often discussed how to name this Instance and what they display, here is now what we came up with.

The Third-Thoughts represent the ultimate self reflection - they tell you alot about your character and if thought through you can dismantle your worldview because you can analyze your reactions to situations from an elaborate neutral point of view, unattached to your desires or fears, because they dont deal with instincts but are just focused on your thought approach to situations.

I often (but less often as i would like to) find myself deliberately surpressing the emergence of a third-thought process and then  take some extra moments to try to find fault in my way of thinking.

Ever done that? If not, try and rest assured it will surprise you how total honesty to yourself can clear your Worldview...

p.s.: I highly recommend Terry Pratchett as an author, really.


  1. I'm gonna have to check this author out now, sounds very interesting

  2. I need to look into Terry Prachet further, he seems awesome

  3. really interesting ideas,something to think about
    thanks for the recommendation