Sonntag, 10. April 2011

third thoughts anyone?

After a week full of deadlines in my studies i am now recovering in my free time with some old classic books.
One of it is by Terry Pratchett, who mentions a specific thought process which i have often used to describe behavior and mental capacity shown by certain people.

What I refer to are staged thoughts that come in up to 3 segments.

In this theory every living human being and possible every sentient creature is able to form the FIRST thoughts.
They can be compared to instinct , like the See-Interpret-React mechanism.
It's nothing special in it self and pretty much self explaining.

Then come the SECOND thoughts.
To be honest , i once believed that these were also a given but seeing the stupidity in our world and especially common after noon TV shows i had to reconsider..
They are situated between the Interpret-stage and the React-stage and reasses the outcome and meaning of the first thoguht (instinct).
I would deem them necessary in our modern civilization but i got proved wrong...

What may or may not follow then in ones mind are the THIRD thoughts.
You may now guess that these are to reconsider the conclusion derrived from the second thoughts, but really.. what does that mean?
We have often discussed how to name this Instance and what they display, here is now what we came up with.

The Third-Thoughts represent the ultimate self reflection - they tell you alot about your character and if thought through you can dismantle your worldview because you can analyze your reactions to situations from an elaborate neutral point of view, unattached to your desires or fears, because they dont deal with instincts but are just focused on your thought approach to situations.

I often (but less often as i would like to) find myself deliberately surpressing the emergence of a third-thought process and then  take some extra moments to try to find fault in my way of thinking.

Ever done that? If not, try and rest assured it will surprise you how total honesty to yourself can clear your Worldview...

p.s.: I highly recommend Terry Pratchett as an author, really.

Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Pregressive Realism or....?

"Welcome all and please take a seat..."

.. was all the small talk, our construction-method-technique and ressource-optimization proffesor had to offer us today.
After that came a 90 minutes speech about how to use the recent developments in Japan as a chance to secure a globalized market position for small and mid level construction companies.

What i acknowlegded during that hour and a half was that there indeed is a great potential, especially for small specialized companies to move forward to a better market position and even being on the side of the "good guys".  But i can't forget about the way he talked about it and the greedy way his eyes looked.

Yet i'm not judging anything or even call it a bad thing in a particular way, only time will tell what actually will work out there, cause it's a Win - Win situation so far.

Still, what i also gathered is, that there is a big chance that contracts will be made which -in the long term - might well turn out bad for the ones hastily signing something which binds their investment for a unreasonable long time to unfavourable conditions. And THAT will be japanese people who are desperately looking for quick solutions..

Now make of this what you want - All i want to say is that so far there is no way of estimating the economic balance shift which will be driven forward by people seeking to make a profit of a desaster..

ps.: "Cheer up ! it could have been worse" were his closing words..

Sonntag, 27. März 2011

The Mind Process

Yesterday i put the topic of my first blog entry to a referendum and discussion during our weekly come-together for thought-exchange.

For some it got quite hard to define their answers on to this matter as it is a fluent one, still expanding and changing daily. We therefor decided to postpone a final statement for now..

But i bid you all who may read this not to turn your eyes too far astray cause crises like this always give some lobbyist or politicians the chance to get things through state affairs and themself or their party some leverage.

< I am Still undfamiliar with focusing the words into just the right form for this kind of media, so please bear with me a bit longer until i can define my recurrent themes the way i intend to >

Freitag, 25. März 2011


Well, well.. where to start now..

I guess i may just state my reason for this appearance on the world wide information bogus.
To be honest, it is somehow mood-related, a gloomy mood of déjà-vu concerning the recent atomic power plant problem on the beautiful little island called Japan.

Later on, I hope to have gathered my thoughts enough to find the precise words of comfort, scolding and bidding to engage the situation as it should be.

So long, think well